• What is the Cordless 2 Year Service Promise?

    • No Questions. If your nailer doesn't work, we'll fix it or replace it. If you want a factory tune-up, we'll do that, too. It's your call—no questions asked.
    • No Hassles. 2 simple, easy steps: Enroll your nailer. Make a claim online, by phone or mail—whatever you prefer.
    • NO COST! It's all FREE. Service. Repairs with genuine Paslode parts, cleaner, and lubricant. UPS Shipping both ways. And, if it can't be fixed, we'll replace it with a new nailer.
  • What nailers are covered?

    • Cordless XP
      Framing Nailer
    • 16 Ga Angled Cordless Li-ion Finish Nailer
    • 16 GA Straight Cordless Li-ion Finish Nailer
    • 18 Ga Cordless
      Li-ion Brad Nailer
    • 18 Ga Cordless
      Li-ion Brad Nailer (NEW)
  • How does the 2 Year Service Promise work?

    Two Simple Steps...

    1. Enroll Click here to Enroll your nailer within 60 days of purchase or by entering its serial number in the box below
    2. Make a Claim Initiate your claim online, by phone or mail—if your nailer stops working for any reason send it in. UPS shipping is FREE!
  • How do you make a claim?

    First try the Quick Fix:
    Check these 6 things to get your nailer back to work

    • 1
      Step 1
    • 2
      Step 2
    • 3
      Step 3
    • 4
      Step 4
    • 5
      Step 5
    • 6
      Step 6
  • How do you make a claim?

    Second, initiate a claim by entering your nailer’s serial number below. (Calling us or mailing us the claim form in your nailer’s case are options, too.)

    All claims are FREE—
    including shipping!

EnrollActivateMake a Claim

Click here to find serial numbers

Claims are fast! Your nailer will be on it's way back to you 3 days after we receive it—promise.